Footprint Orthotic Insoles (11/11.5) Biebel


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The Footprint Orthotic Kingfoam Insoles will provide well deserved day off for your feet. These insoles absorb more impact than ever with the latest kingfoam formula and have a life expectancy of 5-8 months for heavy skating. Kingfoam orthotics support your arch from overpronation which can drastically reduce soreness and prevent injury. The Kingfoam dual density arch will custom shape to your foot and the foam compression resistance will provide excellent support. To top it all off, after fifteen minutes of wear, you can drop a raw brown egg from waist high and it will bounce, showing how much these insoles can protect your feet.


  • Can endure 5-8 months of heavy skating
  • Updated fabric protection, forefoot pad and fabric glue
  • Supports arch from overpronation which reduces soreness
  • Dual density feature shapes foot and provides support


SKU fp.orthotics.b.11
Brand Footprint Insole Technology
Unit Of Measure 1

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