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H-Street Skateboards – Blog Post

T-Mag Talks History
This may seem like a longshot but in my mind, had the men that stormed the beaches in Operation Overlord, AKA Normandy not been successful, we would have lost World War 2 and thus Sweden, where I grew up, would have belonged to Germany. This would have meant I wouldn’t have grown up in a free country, that was available to be infiltrated by the skateboard fad in 1976, as it was referred to then. In
turn, I would have obviously not pursued a life-long dream of coming to California in 1980 and thus would not have started H-Street in 1986.
In my mind, H-Street and the riders that were and always will be part of the family, has contributed so much to Skateboarding that it’s hard to imagine skateboarding without it. No Shackle Me Not, No Hokus Pokus, no Hensley “meat, meat only”, no Francesco, Obradovich and The Godoy’s and all their really great artwork that is now timeless. No Danny Way “anyone can learn anything they want; it’s all in your head, you just gotta spend time on it”. I doubt very much that Ternasky would have ever gotten into the skateboard industry, so possibly no Plan B either. I’m sure Matt and Danny and all the really great riders would have found other sponsors and had equally great careers, no doubt. But their involvement not only made H-Street but contributed in a way that is unique and immortal.
So on this Memorial Day, I give thanks, praise and my deepest appreciation for those men that faced down machine gun fire, mortars and pure hell on those beaches, many whom did not survive. The odds were almost impossible and only through American guts, ingenuity and brawn were those men able to overtake the German war machine and become back-to-back World War champs. Thus H-Street would eventually have an opportunity to become reality. I will never forget.
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