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H-Street Skateboards – Blog Post

T-Mag Talks History… “When I first came to California in 1980, I was really stoked to have gotten a free board from Dennis Martinez at the Del Mar Skate Ranch, who saw me as a young gun and up and coming rider. I didn’t know that much about Dennis but I knew that he rode for Variflex and so did Eddie Elguera, one of the guys that I really looked up to at that time. Eddie El Gato Elguera was essentially the guy that brought technical skating to the vert and laid the foundation for a ton of moves that would happen in the 80’s.
He was a huge inspiration back then and seeing I just skated with him the other day, still is.
Today Eddie is getting inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, which is about damn time, if you ask me. He probably should have been the first dude in there, IMHO. In any case, to help celebrate this occasion, we made some special edition boards, shirts and decals that will be available next week.
Tomorrow, I will be competing against Eddie at the Vans Pool Party at the block and as is the case with all the other dudes out there on the deck, we’re really not riding against each other but I for one feel it’s a blessing to be able to stand on the same deck as those guys for a variety of reasons”
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