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H-Street Skateboards – Blog Post

T-Mag talks history… When I grew up skating at the Del Mar Skate Ranch in the early 80’s, Steve Steadham showed up out of nowhere. I don’t even know to this day where he was from but he became a permanent part of the legendary DM Skate Ranch scene and we became great friends. Steve ended up running the shop at UWS, the board factory and predecessor to H-Street by a couple of years. Then Steve started a company with SGI called Steadham Designs and encouraged me to do the same but call it Magnusson Designs. Even though I hated that name for a skate company, it was a really important part of creating H-Street. Steve introduced me to one of my favorite bands of all time, Rush, and he picked out a song for my first contest, Burning Down the House by Talking Heads.
As the 80’s ended, I lost contact with Steve, he dropped out of the skate scene and I think he played a lot of music. Of course, most old skaters never leave skating forever, so Steve re-emerged at some point around 2004 or so. Since then, Steve’s been a part of the whole old school scene, skating the Vans combi contest for years, among other skate events. He’s also got a couple of really cool kids and the other day he brought Atasia and Alexxis, who are these amazing kids in their own right. We had an awesome session at the combi, in preparation for the upcoming contest on May 14th.

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