Ace Trucks Team Riders List

Author: cheets   Date Posted:1 February 2019 

Ace Trucks have had a large team of exremely good skateboarders for many year now, but they haven't always had a published team rider list...
Well now they and it is available for your viewing pleasure!

Dane Brady
Brian Delatorre
Brad McClain
Eli Reed
Tom Remillard
Kevin Rodrigues
Oskar Rozenberg
Shin Sanbongi
Ronnie Sandoval
Raven Tershy

Trey Wood
Hugo Boserup
Raul Navarro
Margielyn Didal
Evan Mock
Chris “Dune” Pastras
Marc Tison
Tom "Wally" Inouye
Sam Cunningham
Genki Sunagawa
Harry Lintell
Didrik Galasso
Terrell Newell
Karl Berglind
Ron Chatman
Leon Chapdelaine
Eli Williams
Jason Salias
Adam Hopkins
Donny Barley
Jamie Platt
Ville Wester
Dylan Righthand
Pat Hoblin
Kikuchi Taisei
Shogo Zama
Riley Boland
Jost Arens
Sam Lind
Neil Blender
Lee Ralph
Julien Stranger
Jacopo Carozzi
Mike Arnold
Anakin Senn
Vinnie Banh
Gou Miyagi
Jason Adams
Matt Rodriguez
Shota Kubo
Philipe Dulude
Genesis Delagarza

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