Cult Wheels Chronical SG 65mm Green

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Cultist Axel Serrat journeyed across many dimensions on his pilgrimmage to the Mystic Cult Temple. His quest - the ultimate "do everything" skateboard wheel. The Cult saw his mighty deeds, and chose to create the Chronicle to fit his desires. Formulated from all-new 78A NEUROTHANE, the Chronicle is small and perfectly formed for longboarders and skateboarders looking for a perfected slide with a smaller centerset shape. 

Stoned Grided and Bevelled Edged for a smooth release and easy wear! 

Centerset core 
65mm x 50.5mm 
36.5mm contact patch 
Formulated from Neurothane 
Stoned Finish

Sold as a set (4 Wheels)


Brand Cult

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