Cult Wheels Ism TFR 63mm Ice Blue

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The Doctor presented us with a new compound and decreed that to fully understand this formula we had to present it a high wizard of shralp with the skills and fortitude to match this special material.  So doing as we were told like good devotees, we summoned Cornish Legend and slider of great magnitude.  "Mark Short" with his compradores of high speed shredders (Will and George).  They rode and proclaimed that the doctor had done well and his remote mind reading capabilities were strong.  Mark coined the term TFR.... and so it was to be.
These wheels really slide!! Like... REALLY REALLY slide.... Ask Mark...
  • 63mm x 40mm 
  • Back set
  • Radiused edges
  • Great multi purpose wheel
  • Sold as a set (4 Wheels)


Brand Cult

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