Footprint Gamechangers Insoles (8/8.5) Kelvin Hoefler/Hidetoshi Yamada

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For women’s sizing, simply add 2 sizes up. Ex. A men’s 4 is a women’s 6.


1. Trim

Line up our stock insole and trim the toe if needed. If you have narrow shoes it is extra important to trim the side of the gamechangers opposite the arch.

2. Heat in the Oven

Heating to 225F for 8-10 minutes causes the inner arch chamber to soften and expand allowing the insole to take the exact shape of any arch.

3. Enjoy the benefits of a custom orthotic

Normally, as the muscles in your foot get tired or when taking heavy impacts, your arches will start to collapse. This leaves you prone to injury and soreness as your joints stop working in alignment.


  • increase balance.
  • stop the arch from collapsing (overpronation)
  • increase performance time.
  • prevent arthritis from uneven cartilage wear.
  • prevent acute injury such as torn ACL.

4. Moulding process

The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.

  1. Place in shoe and walk for a dynamic mold.
  2. Stand on the insole for solid mold.
  3. Sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch building mold.

5. Remold to new shoes

When moving from narrow to wide shoes or vice versa, Remold your gamechangers for the best fit.

This is not possible with lab made orthotics which makes Gamechangers a superior choice.


Brand Footprint Insole Technology
Unit Of Measure 1

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