Hamboards Complete 43" Pescadito Boltz HST


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Hamboards Complete 3' 7" Pescadito Boltz



HST Truck on HHOP

Designed for pure surf-skate performance. The Pescadito fitted with HST carving trucks is the go to board for all experience riders looking to slash and shred. You'll love the power in this compact board. 

BBB Multipanel Huntington HOP

The Boltz hand painted Birch deck was inspired by the fabled Lightningbolt surfboards and the Huntington Beach power plant, just out back of the Hamboards shop.  


Built for all experience levels, this board is a friendlier version of the Fish. If you're an advanced rider, you'll love how responsive the board is for deep carves and quick cuts. For our beginners, this board has a lot less surface area to work with so it's easier to find your sweet spot.


This board is perfect for pumping and carving. For skateboarders, this is an easy adjustment and you'll tune into your riding style straight away.


This board will last a lifetime. The decks are made with either premium 8 ply maple-birch or natural bamboo and can take a beating time and time again. The Durable UV resistant grip coating enables heavy slides while barefooted to emulate the surfing experience.


Aggressive carving and wide, flowing turns this board will complement any riding style. The HST trucks eliminate wheel lift and the extra block risers lift the deck just high enough to avoid wheel bite and rail drag.


Superb flow through most terrain obstacles with the Buttery rubberized wheels combined with spring torsion trucks and a flexible deck give you advanced performance with a smooth flow.


Its lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry design makes it easy to bring along. At 36 x 14, the Pescadito has a reputation for turning any paved surface into a surfers playground.


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