Footprint PU Gamechangers Insoles (12/12.5) Swanski


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Footprint PU Gamechangers Insoles (12/12.5) Swanski

The Footprint Gamechangers Custom Orthotic Insoles are used by pros and recommended by doctors. Other "over the counter" orthotics don't truly support. They all fall "flat" under the pressure of just standing. You can't see t but you can feel it... save your cartilage. Gamechangers not only prevent serious injury and arthritis, they also increase balance, extend endurance, performance and provide an overall feeling of well-being as your body begins to function the way it was designed to. Whether you love to 360 flip off 10 stairs or run 10 miles a day, Gamechangers will work for you.

Featuring Arti-Lage, Artificial Cartilage Foam. The nanotechnology in Arti-Lage absorbs up to 90% of impact energy before it can reach your body. Endure for twice as long.

These insoles are form fitting. They require oven adjustment. Which means you literally have to bake them in an oven for them to mould into the shape of your foot. Instructions included and located below.

Preheat oven to 235 F or 110C
Insert insole for 5-8 minutes or until arch is soft.
Wear socks
Remove insole and place into shoe walk for 5-10 minutes or until arch becomes firm.

Use caution, insole will be hot. If insole feels too hot, allow it to cool to tolerable temp. before moulding. Do not attempt to mould without adult supervision. If using a toaster oven, keep insole away from heating elements and check for overheating as toaster ovens do not accurately control even temp. throughout the oven. Do not attempt to mould if insole has been punctured or damaged. Do not use the microwave. Use common sense. Customer assumes all liability and Footprint Insole Technology is not liable for any injury as a result of using this product, negligent or otherwise.


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