Electric Skateboards and Scooters

Want a wheeled object from the future? Check out our range of Electric Skateboards and Scooters

Everything that plugs into the wall and has wheels can be found here! Electrify your transportation below.



Razor Power A2 Electric

SKU: raz.com.e.05


Razor Electric E200 White Red

SKU: raz.com.e.200


Razor Electric E300 Grey

SKU: raz.com.e.300


Razor Electric E300 White/Blue

SKU: raz.com.e.300.02


Razor Power Core E90 Green

SKU: raz.com.e.90


Razor Electric E90 Blue

SKU: raz.com.e.90.02



Razor E-Punk

SKU: raz.com.e.punk


Razor Electric MX350 Dirt

SKU: raz.dirtbike.01