Bolts... the glue that makes a skateboard the dependable partner we can always count on. Treat your friend to a new set of skateboard bolts!

Shop our wide range of skateboard bolts. We have the size you need in the colour you've always wanted!

Hamboards Bolts 55mm M6

SKU: ham.har.b.55


Hamboards Bolts 60mm M6

SKU: ham.har.b.60


Hamboards Bolts 65mm M6

SKU: ham.har.b.65


Sabre Boltset - size 1.5"

SKU: sabhar.1.5


Trinity Bolts 1" Silver Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.03


Trinity Bolts 7/8" Black Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.70


Trinity Bolts 1.25" Black Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.long.01


Trinity Bolts 1.5" Black Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.long.02


Trinity Bolts 1.75" Black Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.long.03


Trinity Bolts 2" Black Allen

SKU: trihar.b.allen.long.04


Trinity Bolts 2" Black Phillips

SKU: trihar.b.philip.long.01


Trinity Bolts 1.25" Black Phillips

SKU: trihar.b.philip.long.1.25


Trinity Bolts 1.5" Black Pan Head Phillips

SKU: trihar.b.philip.pan.1.5


Trinity Bolts 1.75" Black Pan Head Phillips

SKU: trihar.b.philip.pan.1.75


Trinity Bolts 2" Black Pan Head Phillips

SKU: trihar.b.philip.pan.2.0