Our Brands

Trinity Distribution is an Australian owned Skateboard Distribution. Formed in 02 the skate company has grown steadily since and is consistently expanding. Trinity’s range consists of both Australian and International brands and these brands can be found in skate shops around Australia. If you’re interested in stocking our gear want to speak one of the salesman contact 1300 882 399

Inspired by faith, art and the skateboarding culture, Eternal skateboard company exists to shape the skateboarding culture in a hopeful and organic way. Originating in Canada back in ‘92, the company is now Aussie owned and operated.

Disco Logo

Disco Bearings & Hardware is an Aussie Company dedicated to providing the international skateboarding community with quality products.

Type-S urethane wheels are very high end wheel designed and tested by core skaters in the industry. Lincoln Ueda and Sergie Ventura are the force behind the brand and stand 100% by their product.

Founded in 2006, Ace Truck Mfg. is the producer of high quality skateboard trucks and accessories. ‘Lose Trucks Saves Lives’ is their motto and the stick by it, creating a range of sized trucks specifically designed for precise turning and smooth fast grinding.

S-One has been manufacturing professional grade skate and bike helmets since 1999. Coming in a wide range of colours and sizes, S-One have you covered.

Verb is a collaborative initiative to encourage and promote a positive change within society. Activist at its core, Verb is about creating, evolving and empowering. All Verb Skateboard Decks feature an underground artist on each deck, giving a wide variety in quality graphics.


Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith forged a close friendship in the mid 1950′s while surfing together. This led to the creation of a surfboard company which became a brand with worldwide recognition. Then from there they were one of the first brands apart of making and producing skateboards and still hold the record for the most sold skateboard deck (The Warptail 2) Their history sits them at the top of the list for genuine old school skateboards.

Dogtown Skateboards

Hosoi Skateboards


 H-Street is Back!!! Formed in 1986 by professional skateboarder Tony Mag and Mike Ternasky. With innovations like “Hell Concave”, and former team riders like Eric Koston, Mike Carrol etc. We are proud to represent H-Street!

A separate range of skateboard and accessories designed and manufactured by the infamous G&S. These boards are made to flex to help generate speed and create and all round smooth experience on a skateboard. Fibreflex is the original flexible deck.

In 1975 Mr. Bennett made skateboard history with the introduction of the very first trucks made specifically for a skateboard.
Known for their Big Red
Bushings™, precision components and amazing turning ability, Bennett Truks™ quickly became the choice of most professional and amateur skateboarders.

Risen are dedicated to capturing the fun and excitement of everyday skateboarding, whether it is a longboard or a cruiser. Quality skateboards, great graphics at great prices.

Tony Hawk Logo

Atobe manufacture a range of downhill longboard wheels that are made to the requirements of the experienced rider.

Dynami is greek for ‘strength’ and that speaks for the trucks they produce. Dynami Trucks are quality style trucks that are designed for smooth carving. If you want a truck that can withstand the physics of your day to day skating, think Dynami.

Over time we have come to see a complete ‘circle of life’ of skateboarding history. The first banana boards originated back in the 50′s, giving surfers transport to and from the beach in style. Nana™ Boards Australia is dedicated to replicating that same original ‘timeless’ board and making available to this generation.

Nana™ boards are also favoured by primates worldwide… in case you were wondering.

Ark Skateboards

Liquid Image

Liquid Image

Cam Caddie logo

Cam Caddie was founded in 2004 by Daniel McElderry. Daniel, an avid skateboard and snowboard videographer, desired to produce high quality images on a budget. This led him to start Cam Caddie: a company committed to developing and bringing cinema-quality accessories to market at affordable prices.

The most prominent fingerboard brand worldwide, Tech Deck is forever changing and updating their range to compliment what is happening in the skate industry.

The original, Jessup was the first to bring silicon carbide griptape to the skateboard industry. They’ve been making the best griptape since 1975, that’s over 32 years of experience in making quality grip tape. They’ve gripped over 25 million decks. This means they’ve easily gripped more boards than all other griptape companies combined. To date, we’ve made over 70 million feet of griptape, no one else even comes close.