Our Brands

Trinity Distribution is an Australian owned Skateboard Distribution. Formed in 02 the skate company has grown steadily since and is consistently expanding. Trinity’s range consists of both Australian and International brands and these brands can be found in skate shops around Australia. If you’re interested in stocking our gear want to speak one of the salesman contact 1300 882 399


Eternal Skateboards

DSCO Bearings

Type-S Wheels

Ace Trucks

S-One Helmets

Herstwood Skateboards

Fisherman Skateboards


Warco Skateboards

FP Insoles

G&S (Gordon & Smith)

Dogtown Skateboards

Hosoi Skateboards

H-Street Skateboards

Jessup Griptape

Tech Deck

Cam Caddie

Bennet Truks

Risen Skateboards

Tony Hawk Skateboards

Verb Skateboards

Phantom Trucks

Atobe Wheels

Dynami trucks

Nana Boards Australia

Ark Skateboards