Skateboarding Adventure with Theories/Ace Pilots: Join the Thrilling Journey

Date Posted:1 June 2023 

Join the excitement as Theories and Ace Pilots collaborate to bring us a thrilling skateboard adventure. Featuring talented riders such as Nick Rainey, Connor Noll, and Jordan Trahan, this epic VX video showcases the true essence of skateboarding. Filmed
Check out this sick VX video that takes you on a rad skateboarding adventure with some of the gnarliest skaters from Theories and Ace Pilots crew. Get ready to witness mind-blowing tricks from the likes of Nick Rainey, Connor Noll, Jordan Trahan, Christian Maalouf, and more. This killer video was put together by the amazing Jake Todd with additional help from Josh Stewart. Shout out to these two brands for teaming up and supporting the skateboarding community!