Eternal Wheels 53mm (88A) All Terrain Foliage

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Eternal Wheels 53mm (88A) All Terrain Foliage

Eternal Wheels 53mm (88A) All Terrain Foliage

Conquer any terrain with ease using the Eternal Wheels 53mm (88A) All Terrain Foliage. Designed for the adventurous skater, these wheels provide the perfect balance of durability and performance. Whether you're cruising the streets or exploring rugged pathways, these wheels offer a smooth ride and exceptional grip.

  • Size: 53mm
  • Durometer: 88A
  • All-terrain design for versatility
  • Enhanced grip and durability
  • Suitable for various skating styles

Eternal Skateboards

Eternal Skateboards is a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of skateboarding innovation. With a focus on quality and performance, our products are crafted for the modern skater seeking adventure and thrill. Embrace the eternal spirit of skateboarding with our premium gear that promises durability, style, and uncompromised performance.


Barcode # 767967600512
Brand Eternal Skateboards

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