H-Street Deck 8.9 Wicked Dough Boy/Alphonzo Rawls


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H-Street Deck 8.9 Wicked Dough Boy/Alphonzo Rawls

H-Street Deck 8.9 Wicked Dough Boy/Alphonzo Rawls


  • Width: 8.9"
  • Length: 32.5"
  • Nose: 6.75"
  • Tail: 6.5


As said already, Alphonzo Rawls has a long and storied legacy in skateboarding that all started with H-Street in the late 80’s, when MT told Tony Mag about this young ripper at McGill’s legendary skatepark in Carlsbad California.

They were both mesmerized by Alf’s style and totally unique approach to skateboarding, which is still glaringly obvious to anyone today. Alf also turned out to be an amazing artist, who did many of H-Street graphics, including his own.

Alf’s design prowess is very much a factor that shapes skateboarding to this day, which can be seen by his current skate projects, Everybody Skates and Savale Footwear.

Alf has a unique artist’s perspective on the world. He comes up with many surprisingly creative ideas and approaches to both skateboarding, product design and art in general.

As H-Street goes, we are so blessed and fortunate to have been an important part of Alf’s career as a skateboarder and an artist.

We are also so stoked to have made a connection with Ohio 90’s skater and artist Bob Hickman, who has made it his specialty to draw puppets and to come up with super cool guest versions of our classic artwork. As such, when he found out that we were finally getting around to re-issuing decks from the H-Street Next Generation of riders, he sent T-Mag a rather interesting and fun “Hickman Version” of Alf’s classic Dough Boy.

Mag sent that to Alf and asked if he liked the idea, which as you can see that he did, but wanted to do the re-draw himself, given he drew the graphic in the first place.


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