Hamboards Complete 45" Huntington Hop LBOR HST


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Length: 3.6ft | Width: 11 in


High-Quality 8-ply Maple/Birch/Maple Plywood.  UV resistant heat transfer decorations with "clear" grit on top.  Bottom side art is limited to show-off natural maple beauty.


Hamboards Milk Chocolate Cast PU 66mm/80A (46mm wide, 35mm contact)


Hamboard 200mm HST Trucks


Hamboards SAN-O Turning Bearings (greased and sealed)

Skating as you know it will never be the same.
Surf dynamics and cruise control jammed in an affordable, beach washed surf-skateboard they call the ‘show-off’. 

“Nothing comes close (even at twice the price)” 

Influence nature. Twist gravity. And transform the sidewalk into a reef break. The 3ft9in Huntington Hop surfskate board does something inexplicable every time you hop on it. 

The stunning deck wears a vintage beach look and offers head-to-toe surf-skate fundamentals and surf-dynamics. The 16mm 9-ply-birch  deck allows the skater superior glide with extreme carving and an untamed rail-to-rail thrash experience. 

Cooler Features. Better Thrash. 

The original version of Huntington Hop was stripped down recently, repurposed and saw a complete overhaul with new design features primed to negotiate paves by eliminating slightest wobble. 

Step on pure nostalgia with H-Hop’s timeless 60s surf-look inspired by Birdwell Beach Britches. 

Mounted on massive 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of patented 200mm HST carving trucks cast from virgin aluminum and heat treated for relentless thrash. A 50-degree reverse kingpin and 30 degrees of board lean allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow, board lean and extreme carving angles.

Inside the HST carving trucks are a set of spherical wave cams that translate axel rotation into increased force by compressing an incredibly strong compression spring.  The new silver spring installed on the front truck and the gold spring installed on the back truck  yield an extra five pounds force to propel you forward.  On the Pescadito,  you pump by loading up the back spring with 25 lbs of momentum sustaining force.  On the road, the Hamboards signature chocolate brown 66mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth and super grippy.

All the thrash, freestyling and rips jammed in an all-round surfskate board at an astonishingly low price. 


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