Hamboards Paddle Street Sweeper Pro (L) NO TIP


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Hamboards Paddle Street Sweeper Pro (L) NO TIP

Hamboards Paddle Street Sweeper Pro (L) NO TIP

Please note that a Tip is needed to use this product

Riders 5'9" to 6'2" (Recommended)

Lightweight Blend of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin.  Tapered pole provides comfortable flex so that energy can be loaded in smoothly and released with a comfortable kick.  

Pusher Tip: Poi Pounder
Patented flexible, replaceable rubber tip.  Three styles available.  

Hand Grips:
Rugged and soft EVA grip handle with 70 to 90 Shore C Hardness.  EVA foam moldings like this tend to be softer when they're newly cast and become slightly more hard as they age.  Heat/cold can also soften/harden the feel of these grips.  It's all good and quite normal.    


This paddle took years of designing, testing and improving.  Invented by a NASA Engineer, ride tested in America, manufactured at the world's best ski pole and golf club shaft factory in Asia.  US Patent No. 9,724,593.


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