Hamboards Complete 45" Huntington Hop Mint Choc RKP


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Hamboards Complete 45" Huntington Hop Mint Choc RKP

Hamboards Complete 3' " Huntington Hop


Length: 3.6ft | Width: 11 in


High-Quality 8-ply Maple/Birch/Maple Plywood.  UV resistant heat transfer decorations with "clear" grit on top.  Bottom side art is limited to show-off natural maple beauty.


Hamboards Milk Chocolate Cast PU 66mm/80A (46mm wide, 35mm contact)


Hamboard RKP Trucks


Hamboards SAN-O Turning Bearings (greased and sealed)


Sultan of Stoke
Surf dynamics and cruise control jammed in an affordable, beach washed cruiser longboard they call the ‘show-off’. 

Pro-Performance Board. Entry-Level Price. 

Influence nature. Twist gravity. And transform the sidewalk into a reef break. The 3ft’6in Huntington Hop surf style longboard does something inexplicable every time you hop on it. 

The stunning deck wears a vintage beach look and offers head-to-toe surf-skate fundamentals and surf-dynamics.

This is our most popular board, for entry level surf skate enthusiasts and people wanting more style in their cruiser.  A bit of a novelty board with the most advanced hybrid of skateboard and surfboard - Shock-absorb flex deck,  wave-performance surfboard flux, and an anti-wobble design. 

Cruise in pure nostalgia on a  timeless sun-spot 60s surf-look. 


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