Venom Wheels Cannibals 72mm 78a White/Red


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Venom Wheels Cannibals 72mm 78a White/Red

Venom Wheels Cannibals 78a White/Red

Available in 72mm, 76mm

The Cannibal made Venom wheels a household name with its winning combination of durability, grip, and smooth controllable slides. Updated with the new Cobra Core, it’s now even better. More support means better roll speed, more even wear, and super crisp hook up. The next step for a great all-around wheel. The 72mm has a 60mm contact patch and comes in three durometers: 76a (purple), 78a (red), and 80a (green).


Cobra Core Features:
-Fiberglass Reinforced
-12x Stiffer
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
-Many Swags


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